Searching for more in life?
Looking for a safe environment to continue your exploration of life’s biggest questions?

Check out and register for The Alpha Course!

The Alpha Course is for everyone who wants to explore life’s biggest questions. Alpha is a safe, no pressure environment to continue processing your doubts, questions, and objections concerning God and faith with others on a similar journey.

We will spend 5 weeks together on Sunday evenings from 6-8pm beginning  just a few days after Doubt Night.

Alpha revolves around 3 main things: Good food, an alpha talk, and group discussion.

  1. GOOD FOOD: Each week alpha starts with a meal and relaxed conversation.
  2. ALPHA TALK: Following the meal, is a short talk exploring various aspects of the Christian faith.
  3. DISCUSSION: The evening ends with discussion—in small groups, guests can ask any question and discuss opinions freely with others.

Join us Tuesday, November 11 for Doubt Night and then continue the conversation through the Alpha Course!